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The milone and MacBroom is one of the largest service providers for acquired persons

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milone and MacBroom

MMI is one of the largest service providers in the region. It has been in business for more than three decades. It provides a wide range of services for customers in the infrastructure, built environment, and environmental industries. The established technical capabilities of SLR in the fields of civil and transportation engineering, resiliency planning, water resources engineering, landscape architecture, and planning are complemented by these services. More explanation is available on Macbroo.

Over the past year, SLR and MMI have collaborated on many client possibilities across the United States and Canada. These opportunities have been located in both countries. Remediation, due diligence evaluations, and redevelopment activities for complex sites have been among these possibilities. Neil Penhall, the Chief Executive Officer of SLR, expressed his happiness at the arrival of the MMI team, saying, “I am delighted to welcome the MMI team to SLR.” The two businesses are ideally suited to one another and complement one another in every manner. Our companies have extremely comparable corporate cultures, and our long-term objectives for our employees, our partnerships with our consumers, and our joint expansion into the future are entirely aligned

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He continued by saying, “This is SLR’s sixth acquisition in just over twelve months, and it once again reflects the confidence that we and our investors, Charterhouse Capital Partners, have in the market and the opportunities to provide world-class solutions and advice to our clients.””This is SLR’s sixth acquisition in just over twelve months,” he said. This marks the sixth company SLR has purchased in a little over a year.Other recent acquisitions include HFL, a process management specialist from the United Kingdom, and RPA Inc., a mining consultancy from Canada. Both of these businesses were purchased recently.


SLR reported total global revenues of £130.4 million ($165 million) during the fiscal year that came to an end on January 4, 2019, marking an increase of approximately 1% compared to the preceding twelve months – with 95% of its business falling in line with the definition of environmental consultancy provided by Environment Analyst. A little less than half of the total was obtained from the region of North America, which saw development of approximately 7% during this time period. During this time period, the region also saw development in other areas. There were more than 1,300 people working in the SLR company at the time, which is comparable to full-time positions.

The business headquarters can be found in Cheshire, Connecticut, and the company provides advisory services in planning and engineering. The services of qualified professionals in environmental science, land evaluation, and landscape architecture are included among the goods and services provided by the business. With these services’ assistance, consumers can facilitate and communicate a distinct community-driven vision for their organisations. Customers can also develop actionable strategies tailored to satisfy their particular requirements.


Milone & MacBroom, Inc. is one of the most critical consulting firms in the northeastern United States. The business provides specialised practices in various disciplines, including engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and environmental science. The business headquarters can be located in the northeastern United States. The company’s principal operations are managed from offices located in the state of Massachusetts.

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