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What Are the Different Types of Attorneys?

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Types of Attorneys

Whether you need to hire one or you want to become one, there are several types of attorneys to be familiar with. Find out more by checking out this guide.

It’s not uncommon for people to deal with legal issues at some point in their lives. With all the rules in the world, you need help handling some parts of your life.

That’s why there are so many lawyers out there. Reports show that there are 1.3 million in the United States alone. However, there are many legal fields, so you need to find the right one for your needs.

You must understand the types of attorneys available if you’re considering hiring a lawyer and aren’t sure which type you need. Below are the most common lawyers for hire.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

A bankruptcy lawyer is someone who helps individuals who are having financial struggles. People need all the help they can get when declaring bankruptcy to avoid getting a bad deal.

Bankruptcy lawyers help by guiding people through the whole process. They’ll help you fill out paperwork, aid in keeping your property, and help you avoid making major mistakes.

Employment Lawyer

Despite many states in the United States being at-will employment states, that doesn’t mean employers can fire you for anything they want. You have rights as an employee and should use every resource at your disposal if you’re facing issues at work.

Whether you’re dealing with unsafe work environments or got fired for unjust reasons, an employment lawyer can help. If your employer is in the wrong, you can get a settlement to help you deal with the fallout of bad working conditions.

Criminal Lawyer

It doesn’t matter if you’re charged with a crime you committed, or you’re getting charged for something you didn’t do. The last thing you want is to go in front of a judge or negotiate with the prosecution without the help of an experienced lawyer.

A criminal lawyer is for these situations. Find a lawyer who has experience with your specific type of case, and you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting a better outcome in court.

Tax Lawyer

You won’t need to deal with tax issues most of the time. Taxes are easy for most people, and you usually don’t owe any money. In most cases, you’ll get a return.

But if you make larger amounts of money or have several income sources, you may have more complicated taxes. If you mess up, you may be on the government’s radar and need to deal with an IRS. An experienced tax lawyer will help by looking at your taxes and finances to help guide you through the audit process.

Car Accident Lawyer

Getting into a car accident can be traumatizing. You experience a sudden crash, end up injured, and spend time in recovery. Even if you get help from insurance most of the time, you may find yourself in a situation where the insurance doesn’t compensate you for damages.

You can turn to a car accident personal injury lawyer if you’re in this situation. Whether you’re dealing with a rideshare accident or getting hit by someone while driving, accident lawyers know how to get results for their clients. View here to learn more about getting help.

Contract Lawyer

A contract is what binds you and another party when you strike a deal. You do it in work, real estate, and every other facet of life. However, things can get snuck into contracts that make them unfair to one party.

Working with a contract lawyer is a must to ensure a contract is fair. Find a lawyer experienced with the type of contract law you need help with, and you’ll get a partner who can find bad parts of your contract and help you negotiate a great deal.

Business Lawyer

Are you an aspiring business owner? If so, you have a lot of work ahead of you. From getting financing to developing a great product, you need to get everything right to run a successful company.

Many new owners forget to consider the legal implications of what they do. Be sure to consult a business lawyer if you need help setting up your company and complying with the law.

Family Lawyer

If you’re having trouble dealing with family issues, a family lawyer is a great option to get help. You don’t have only to consider divorce in this situation. You can get help with anything from adoption to domestic violence situations.

There are many specialties in family law, so you’ll need to find the perfect candidate for your needs. Research the specifics of your case and see that your lawyer options have that experience.

Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process can be long and complex. You have to meet all the right requirements, fill out the right paperwork, and follow up in the future. In many cases, you can wait years before you get results.

Doing things the wrong way may extend your wait time and ruin your chance of immigrating legally. Work with an immigration lawyer to get help doing things the right way.

Real Estate Lawyer

There is a lot of complexity in the real estate world. You have purchase contracts, zoning laws, building types, and much more. If you’re doing more than a single-family home purchase, you have more to contend with and may need help.

An experienced lawyer is likely required for these situations. Your lawyer will act as an intermediary for negotiations and help you manage your requirements to the government with zoning laws.

Be Sure You Understand the Many Types of Attorneys

There is an enormous number of lawyers globally, so learning what you need to look for in one can be intimidating. However, once you narrow your choices to the types of attorneys who specialize in your case type, making your decision will be much easier.

Whether you’re thinking of becoming an attorney or need someone to help, ensure you remember the lawyer list above. When you do, you’ll be able to make the right choice.

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